Project Fallen Angel

We are a very small organization, that has the passion to give to those who cannot give to themselves. We assist those who are ex-felons get re-acclimated to living in society by job referrals, rides to interviews, assisting getting the bonded for jobs or even entrepreneurship.​

Connect With Our Team

founder/executive director

Sydney Yvonne

Sydney is the force & heart behind this cause.  Having experienced first hand the pain of rejection, treated as an outcast and struggling to get a job because of her past, Sydney vowed to find a way to help others and so Project Fallen Angel was born!  We’ve all made mistakes in life and deserve a second chance.  Sydneys mission is just that, to provide those in need the resources and opportunities to a life with a bright future,  not  a constant clouded past!

Volunteer Coordinator

Jennifer Allen

Meet Jennifer Allen!  Jennifer was born and raised in the state of New Jersey, but recently relocated to the state of Georgia to be closer to those dear to her heart. Jennifer is a proud mother of one son and an author of two light novels. In addition to a passion for writing, she also has a passion for helping others in need. That’s why Jennifer joined Project Fallen Angel. Together, we’re hoping to give everyone the tools needed to survive in life.

Social Media/Web Design

Court Hale

Court came to us needing volunteer hours for legal reasons, but what he found was he had a heart to serve!  The needed volunteer hours have come & gone but Court is still here helping us every chance he gets.